Advice for Practitioners Wanting to Start Their Own Laser Hair Removal Clinic 

Working for yourself can be very rewarding for individuals working in the beauty services industry. Here are some tips to help practitioners who are wanting to start their own laser hair removal clinic.

Make Sure You Are Legally Certified and Obtain A “Cosmetic Possession Licence”

Under the Radiation Safety Act 1999 cosmetic businesses are required to obtain a “Cosmetic Possession Licence” to safely and legally operate. The purpose of the Radiation Safety Act is to reduce the risks associated with radiation.

Anyone who aspires to have overall ownership or control of Class 4 laser equipment must obtain a “Cosmetic Possession Licence”.

Cosmetic businesses who are required to obtain the licence include businesses who offer services such as; skin rejuvenation, capillary reduction, tattoo removal, and hair reduction.

Apart from obtaining a “Cosmetic Possession Licence” you will also need to get radiation source approvals which means that every time you purchase or obtain a new piece of laser equipment you will need to apply for an “approval to acquire” the equipment. This procedure has been put in place to make sure proper safety measures are in place and to enable all radiation sources to be accounted for.

On top of this any individual who is planning to perform a laser cosmetic service will be required to hold a “Use Licence” that allows each person to use the laser equipment to legally provide the service to a customer.

Make Sure You Have High Quality Equipment

When deciding what equipment, you want to purchase to use for your business it can be a confusing process. The type of equipment you decide to purchase will mainly depend on the type of business you wish to run, what services you plan to provide and how much money you have available to current spend on obtaining the equipment.

Purchasing machines from a reputable, high-quality supplier will enable you to get higher quality for less, however if you want the latest technology you will need to be prepared to spend more cash.

It all depends on how you view your start-up business and how confident you are that you will be able to become a highly profitable business and how quickly you believe that you will grow your number of clients.

Many businesses in the laser industry start off with second-hand equipment and then they upgrade to new equipment once their client base has grown.

Develop A High-Quality Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Business

Using social media to promote your business is a highly effective way of getting the word out about your new business and to attract to clients.

When trying to develop an effective marketing strategy to help grow your business it is important to define what areas of your business you wish to improve via your marketing strategy. Do you want to increase your number of followers on your social media platforms? Do you wish to drive more traffic to your website or maximise your SEO optimisation? increase sales or expand your customer demographics?

It is a good idea to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely). Choose a specific goal and focus on achieving it. As soon as you start seeing traction, start pursuing another marketing related goal.

By using social media to tell a captivating story you humanise your business and sound less desperate to make a sale. Businesses should aspire to use social media with the intention of building an online community that is passionate about the products you sell. The best way to entice your customers to purchase your product through social media is to create a call to action by posting content that either is humorous, educational, entertaining or evokes strong emotion. It is important to share content that adds value to your customers life and most importantly entices your social media followers to join the conversation around your products by leaving comments and sharing your content with their friends.

On top of using social media platforms to engage in conversation with customers it is also important to have a website that can serve as a base that links all of the business’s social media platforms together. To give your business social-proof it is also a great idea to include testimonies on your website written by satisfied customers. Websites can also include a blog section where an employee from your company can post feature articles about topics relating to different trends and topics that are currently occurring with the industry of which the business operates in.

Advice for Practitioners Wanting to Start Their Own Laser Hair Removal Clinic