How Often Should Your Business Post On Social Media?

One of the most difficult things to consider when planning the social media strategy for your business is to figure out how often you should be posting on each social media platform.

As a social media manager, your ultimate goal is to achieve the best result from each social media post.

Some people will tell you post at certain times or two post everyday but the reality is there is no magic formula for sustained social media success.

This is mainly because what works for one brand, doesn't always work for another brand. It is important to accept that just because one organisation discovers a solution for all their marketing problems it is not guaranteed that their solution will also be the solution for your business.

Instead of trying to find a magic formula it is important to post on posting content that is consistently of high quality as opposed to mediocre quality that comes across as spam. This is because consistency is more valuable than frequency.

There's only one thing worse than not posting anything on social media, and that's posting something that's irrelevant. There is no point in posting everyday if you don’t have something that is valuable to your audience. There is no point in posting something only to fill a slot in your schedule at 6pm, or whatever time you've been advised on posting.

Your ultimate goal should be to make sure you post content that makes sense to the people who are engaging with them. If you've ever come across a post on social media from a well-known brand that leaves you scratching your head and thinking "What's the point of this post?" or "How does this post relate to their brand or benefit their customers?", then you should do the same evaluation of your own business before you click the publish button on any of your social media posts.

It is also important to understand that posting content is just one half of your job. Social media is all about being responsive and available. This means that you will need to make sure that you schedule in some time to check social media and contribute to the discussion that your followers are having in regards to the content you post.

The quicker you can respond to posts and comments, the more reactive and human your brand will seem and the more your community will grow and become bigger and more invested in your social media posts.

Overall, it is important to find a sweet spot. For example; if you post too infrequently, you risk losing your audience as they might forget that you exist and you will quickly fade from their minds. However, if you are posting too often, you will risk being seen as a complete nuisance and your followers will dread seeing your posts overcrowding their newsfeed feed.

Social media has changed the way consumers perceive businesses and what they respond to. User-driven trends are here to stay, so make sure you keep up to date on current trends to create content consumers want to respond to. In most cases a trend that goes viral on one platform (for example; the rise of TikTok videos with on-screen text) will likely carry over to other social media platforms.

How Often Should Your Business Post On Social Media?