Important Things to Consider Before Decide to Change Jobs

Millions of Australian workers are preparing to quit their jobs in the upcoming months. However, before handing in your resignation letter it would be a good idea to think deeply and critically about whether or not you are making the right decision and also better assess how your decision to resign will impact your professional career in the future.

Here are some important things to consider before you decide to change your job.

Ask Yourself – Are You Running Away from Something or Towards A New Opportunity? 

If you are running away from your current job out of sadness or anger these emotions will act as a psychological poison for you to go searching for new opportunities.

It is important to make sure that you leave your job in a way that is positive and caring for the people you have been working with. At a fundamental level, ensure you are making proactive steps towards a better version of you in the future, rather than simply blowing up your current career out of frustration or disappointment.

However, unfortunately some people do find themselves in extremely abusive or traumatic situations need to extricate themselves to heal and rebuild their sense of identity, but we are not talking about those types of cases here.

For most of us, it's coming to the realisation that we only have one life, it is precious and we want to make the most of the short period of time we are given on earth. It is important grateful for your previous opportunities and look to new horizons as we search for fulfilment, step outside of our comfort zone and see how much of our potential we can truly achieve.

Ask Yourself Do the Pros of Making This Career Change Outweigh the Cons and Inconveniences?

Some people fail to realise how much time and commitment it can take to successfully change careers? In some cases, quitting your job and starting fresh in a new industry can take years of re-skilling, education, networking and building your reputation.

It is important to understand that you can start many of these things a long time before you cut the financial support of your current job.

There are many ways to navigate the transition, but make sure you have a financial plan that isn't influenced by the heady excitement and good feelings you often get when thinking about removing the stress of this situation from your life.

It is also important to avoid underestimating the power has to enable positive change in your life, however don’t become complacent or trapped by it either. There are many stories of people who get to the end of their working life regretting being stuck in a job they found suffocating simply for the dollars.

On top of this there are also plenty of people who have thrown a way a stable to chase a dream only to find that they blew everything up in the process, including their relationships.
This illustrates that most things in life are about balance. Don't let fear stop you, but also don't be naïve and assume that everything will be smooth sailing.

Are You Hoping to Turn Your Hobby into A Full-Time Career That Will Make Your Life More Meaningful?

From blending tea or playing sport, profitable businesses are often created as a result of a hobby. If you find yourself in a scenario where you are thinking about turning your passion into a paycheck, completing a series of steps and gaining a large range of skills can put you on the path to success.

It would be advised that you start your new hobby related business as a side hustle is a good way to test its potential without giving up your day job. Once the profits start to reach a level close to your current income, you might than be able to finally quit your current job.

It is a good idea to make sure that you have enough cash flow to last you for a minimum of years before you finally decide to quit your day job. It is extremely taxing on your emotions to suddenly make the jump from being a salaried employee to a full-time entrepreneur. Having two years of savings should be enough to prevent you from worrying about being able to pay for food and rent.

If you want your business to be recognised and remember you must build a brand that is engaging, memorable and relatable to your desired target audience. To build your brand you will need a business name and logo that will convey your businesses personality and look good on a website, business card, and advertisement. It is important to choose colours that resonate best with your target audience.

Are You Make Your Decision Out of Fear?

Another important thing to consider is to make sure that your decision to quit your job has not been made out of fear.

A large number of people have become very comfortable during the pandemic, and as humans we don't like to change something that feels easy.

The covid-19 pandemic has shown that for many what living a more balanced life looks and feels like, but make sure you don't mistake a penchant for idleness as striving for balance.

It is exciting to see that so many people are using their re-emergence from the pandemic as an opportunity to reflect on their situation and redefine who they are and what they want to be in this complicated and unpredictable era of history.

Important Things to Consider Before Decide to Change Jobs