Putting a Still in your business

Integrating a still into your business venue, whether it’s a distillery, a bar, or a restaurant, is more than a functional decision—it's a strategic move that can significantly impact your business's appeal and efficiency. As a business advisor specialising in the hospitality and distilling industries, I guide entrepreneurs on how to align a still with their venue for optimal results. Here’s how you can make the most of this strategic alignment.

 1. Understanding the Role of a Still
- Core of Production: In a distilling business, the still is the heart of the production process, crucial for creating your unique spirits.
- Visual Appeal: Beyond production, a still can serve as an aesthetic and educational centerpiece in a venue, enhancing customer experience.

 2. Choosing the Right Still
- size and Capacity: Select a still that matches your production needs and fits comfortably within your venue without overwhelming the space.
- Design and Aesthetics: Consider the design of the still. A visually appealing still can act as a focal point and attract customer interest.

 3. Integrating the Still with Venue Design
- Visibility: Position the still where it can be easily seen by visitors, adding to the venue’s ambiance and intrigue.
- Accessibility for Tours: If offering distillery tours, ensure the still is accessible and safe for visitors to view up close.

 4. Operational Efficiency
- Workflow Consideration: Align the still’s placement with the operational workflow. Consider the ease of raw material delivery, distilling process, and storage.
- Safety and Compliance: Ensure the installation meets all safety standards and regulatory compliance, including adequate ventilation and fire safety.

 5. Enhancing Customer Experience
- Educational Aspect: Use the still as an educational tool. Offer tours and tastings to engage customers and share the story of your spirits.
- Thematic Alignment: Align the still and the products it produces with the overall theme of your venue. Consistency in theme can enhance customer experience and brand identity.

 6. Marketing and Branding Opportunities
- Promotional Tool: Leverage the presence of the still in your marketing materials. It’s a unique selling point that can differentiate your venue.
- Social Media Appeal: A visually appealing still can be a draw for social media attention from visitors, increasing your venue’s online presence.

 7. Financial Considerations
- Budgeting: Account for the cost of the still, installation, and ongoing maintenance in your financial planning.
- Return on Investment: Consider the potential return on investment. A well-integrated still can increase sales and attract more customers.

 8. Seeking Professional Advice
- Consult with Experts: Work with a business advisor and industry experts to ensure that the integration of a still into your venue aligns with your business strategy and goals.
- Continuous Evaluation: Regularly assess the impact of the still on your business and make adjustments as needed.