Tips For Keeping Your Best Employees During The Great Resignation

If you as a business owner are afraid about some of your best staff resigning in the upcoming months, here are tips to help enhance the quality of your workplace environment and consequently find new ways to entice your staff members to continue to work with your organisation.

Promote Your Employees Wellbeing

The past 18 months have been extremely challenging for Australian workers, with working from home and uncertainty creating challenges most have not encountered before.

A recent survey showed that 22 percent of employees said that a key reason for them wanting to leave their job is due to factors related to their factor, this was recorded only second to perennial favourite “remuneration” at 28 percent.

Placing an emphasis on the importance of psychological safety is a major way an organisation can transform their workplace and team culture. Companies should embrace the new world of work and rewrite the ‘rules’ with both employee wellbeing and high performance in mind.

It’s importance for business owners to provide a safe place for people to speak up and leaders taking action to ensure employees are seen, heard, and valued.

Invest in Your Businesses Culture

For many Australian workers the people they work with are a big part of their working experience. It is important for organisations to make sure that they are clear about the culture they are trying to create. Encouraging both formal and informal networks within the workplace can make sure everyone is on the same page.

Add in a commitment to diversity and inclusion, which is of particular importance for many millennials, and you have a recipe for success.

Find New Ways of Working

Technology is continuing to advance and evolve at a speedy pace and adoption of this has been accelerated during the pandemic.

Employees, especially the younger generations like to have access to tools that will make their role easier and more productive, so exploring how you can enable this is likely to pay dividends.
It’s not just about technology though. Ensuring these tools are set up from day one sets a great example.

On top of this, allowing time in their working week for both autonomy and collaboration is likely to create a good balance for your employees.

Flexibility is the key here, it is important to be open to allow your staff to work when it’s most convenient for them obviously within reason as well as creating processes that streamline their duties and increase productivity are definitely going to be appreciated by your employees.

Consider Offering Your Employees Hybrid Working

During the covid-19 pandemic the majority of employees have become used to working from home in recent times, and many are not yet ready to return to the office full time.
At the present time, there appears to be a trend within corporate Australia towards accommodating this desire. This is evident as many Seek job ads are now offering hybrid or even fully remote roles, even from day one.

In order to to attract and maintain high quality staff, employers should be looking to formalise working-from-home policies across the organisation.

However, it is important to note that it is not always possible to offer this for some roles for example; retail workers or hospitality staff but those in office environments are likely to expect some form of hybrid working practices as we move into 2022.

Equally, when workers are asked to come into the office, look at investing in more collaborative working spaces for them to communicate with their colleagues.

It’s likely they are there for that very reason, since they can perform their other duties remotely.

Give Your Employees Opportunities for Career Development

Promoting methods of learning and development will continue to be important in engaging workers, yet many organisations still don’t utilise a formal career-development plan for each staff member.
By deciding to do this illustrates a commitment to ongoing professional development, as well as helping businesses identify their leaders of the future.

By taking into consideration the use of secondments to different departments will broaden your employees’ knowledge of your business, allowing them to learn new skills and keep their working experience fresh.

Deciding to introduce mentoring scheme is a strategy that is seen as highly valuable in the eyes of younger employees, because it gives them access to the intellectual capacity already in the business in a stimulating way.

Tips For Keeping Your Best Employees During The Great Resignation