Tips For Using TikTok to Promote Your Business 

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. Its usage has skyrocketed over the course of the covid-19 pandemic and as a result has become a valuable marketing tool for businesses who are wanting to expand their customer base.

Here are some tips to help businesses who are wanting to use TikTok to promote their business.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags play a crucial role in deciphering what content lands on the TikTok for you page (FYP). Trending hashtags will also be clumped together and displayed on the discover page. This means that it is super important to pay attention to these keywords when using TikTok for a marketing campaign.

Although a large number of TikTok users tend to put any trending hashtag into the caption of their TikTok video, this isn’t necessarily the best tactic for gaining views or brand awareness especially for marketing purposes. It would be much wiser for you to be selective about which hashtags you decide to include. The best way to do this is by studying other videos under the same hashtag, taking note of trends, and trying to recreate them in a way that shows off your unique brand.

Use Effects

One of the most exciting elements of TikTok is their library of different visual effects. Although they might seem unrelated to marketing, they can actually be used as a powerful tool for gaining views.

One interesting aspect of TikTok is that when you see a video with an interesting effect on it, you can click on the effect. From there, you’ll be taken to a new page full of other videos that have used the same effect. Many users will see interesting thumbnails and find themselves clicking on other videos in the collection, purely out of curiosity.

If a brand can get their video on one of these discover pages, they can increase their views through this method alone. Not to mention, some of these visual effects can be pretty eye-catching so it is definitely worth experimenting with.

Know Who Your Target Audience Is

The average age of TikTok users is much younger than many other social media platforms. 60 percent of users between the ages of 16 and 24, it’s important to understand the unique challenges of marketing to Generation Z.

In order to appeal to members of Generation Z it is important to keep in mind that this is a group of people who have grown up in a world where everything is at their fingertips.

This means it can be hard to sell younger individuals on certain topics, especially when they’re capable of doing the research themselves. In order to appeal to this age group, you’ll want to keep things casual. Don’t try too hard to sell your brand. Instead, make it seem as though your brand is already trendy. Keep marketing tactics effortless, cool, and most importantly authentic.

People from this generation also have a very short attention span so make sure that you are quick and precise when communicating with members of Generation Z. After all the whole point of TikTok is to be a platform that is quick and straight to the point.

Don’t use the TikTok app to try and create a lengthy, in-depth advertisement. Keep it simple, keep it short, and keep your viewers from scrolling onto the next video.

It is important to also make sure that your marketing campaign doesn’t include any outdated trends, memes, and pop culture references. If you fail to keep up to date with the latest trends you, will you’ll be viewed as being off as out-of-touch with younger viewers. It’s vital to have a team member who can dedicate their time to staying on the pulse when it comes to trends.

Use Humour to Engage with Your Audience
Humour is one of the most influential strategies you can use in your TikTok marketing campaign. Even if a video is clearly sponsored by a brand, many users will continue watching if the narrative is interesting and they will definitely continue to watch if it makes them laugh.

Brands can gain a larger viewing if they incorporate relatable, down-to-earth humour into the marketing videos. Try creating a short, well-crafted skit that doubles as an advertisement. By doing this successfully, you will be selling your brand while also providing an enjoyable experience for your viewers.

Tips For Using TikTok to Promote Your Business